Kristyn Wong-Tam MPP, Toronto Centre

Government of Ontario

Tribunals Panel

MPP Wong-Tam and MPP Lise Vaugeois and distinguished experts are organizing a panel about the crisis facing Ontario's Tribunals and access to justice. Join online to learn how we got here and what short and long term solutions can look like. Hear from experts including:

Kathy Laird

Kathy Laird has extensive experience in the administrative justice sector as an adjudicator and mediator at the several Ontario tribunals, including the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal and the Child and Family Services Review Board. She has served as counsel to the Chair of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and as the executive director of the Human Rights Legal Support Centre.

Gary Yee

Gary Yee has served as full-time chair of three Ontario tribunals and part-time chair of a municipal tribunal. His administrative law career included being the founding Executive Director of the Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic; and senior positions at Ombudsman Ontario and the Immigration and Refugee Board. Gary has been on the Boards of CCAT (Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals) and SOAR (Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators).

Gilles Frenette

Gilles Frenette (he/him) is currently a member of the Mabelle Resident’s Association and Secretary of Unifor Local 25. An active volunteer for the last 20 years, his activities have included advocating for freedom of information, ethical recycling and bridging the technology gap for marginalized groups.

February 15, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8pm

Will you come?